About Us

The billing office employs dedicated individuals with many years of specialized experience.  These include CPA’s, credentialing experts, data entry personnel, medical coders, customer service representatives, and collections staff.  Qualifications are tested, and complete background checks are conducted on all employees.    AHMS employees regularly attend training to expand their job knowledge and to stay current with ever-changing regulations concerning healthcare billing.   The company also contributes to educational expenses for employees who pursue training on their own.  

Our employees are active members of several professional associations including:

  • Healthcare Billing and Management Association
  • Data Interchange Standards Association
  • Radiology Business Management Association
  • Society for Human Resource Management

Medical Coders

Medical coders are certified in their specialty and continue aggressive training throughout the year to stay current on industry changes.  As members of several professional coding associations, they regularly attend seminars.  In addition, they are members of several forums that provide valuable guidance for correct coding.  Our coders prepare relevant summaries for our groups that address CPT and ICD-9 changes that affect physician coding.

Customer Service

AHMS employs several bi-lingual customer service employees who are available every business day from 8 am until 4 pm to answer your patients’ questions regarding their accounts.   They have several resources available to immediately address your patients’ needs including an image of documents pertaining to the account, insurance and eligibility information, and demographic information for each patient.


Communication between the client and the billing office plays a vital role in maximizing reimbursement.  Our experienced staff analyzes each account, and clients are immediately advised if there are factors affecting reimbursement by a payor.  As well, our employees regularly review payor bulletins and updates for news that affects our clients.   

Automated Health Management Services, with its professional and highly experienced staff and superior technology, is building a reputation for excellence as a leader in the medical billing and practice management field.